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LAN Network Certifier

  • For the instalation and maintenance of up to Cat. 8

  • Versatile, modular, escalable & flexible

  • For both copper & fiber

  • Automatic tests

  • PoE testing in hybrid​ cables


LAN Network Testers

  • Passive and active gigabit cable testing

  • PDF report generation according to 802.3ab IEEE.

  • Video IP/VoIP/CCTV/Web simulation

  • Conexion speed testing,ping, traceroute, IPv4/IPv6


LAN Network Analyzers

  • Solve cable problems in pasive or active networks

  • Copper, fiber & Wi-Fi testing

  • Continous network monitoring

  • PoE & PoE+ end to end with load simulation

  • Discovers the maximum bandwidth consumer


LAN Cable Testers

  • For tracing and detecting connectors without having to break the cable

  • For both coaxial & UTP

  • Tone generator and probe

  • Cable mapping and identification of the 12 individual pins

Enterprise OTDRs

  • For both Multi Mode and Single Mode (QUAD)

  • FiberPath™

  • Live fiber detection prevents OTDR damage

  • Pocket size


Connector Inspection

  • Smart fiberscope

  • Automatic MPO/MTP connector testing

  • Compact pocket size units

  • WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connectivity


Ground and Battery Bank Testing

  • Earth resistance and isolation meters

  • Battery conductance testing

  • Load discharge testing

  • Statistical analysis

  • Battery monitoring systems


Tool Kits

  • For LAN cable instalation & repairs

  • Tools for cutting, stripping, finishing & testing twisted pairs

  • Different kit  configurations

  • FAST™ mechanical field connectors &FuseConnect™ Splice-on-Connectors

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