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Fiber Optics


Fusion Splicers:

  • Totally automatic, 4 step splicing

  • Automatic cleaver control via Bluetooth

  • 6 second splicing and 9 second heat oven

  • Core detection and alignment

  • Resistant to strikes on all 6 sides, vibration, dust, rain, etc.

  • 5000 discharge electrode life

Compact OTDRs

  • Economical & Practical

  • Very small but full of features

  • For FTTx (PON), Metro & Long distance applications

  • Integrated OPM, OLS and VFL

  • With FiberPath™


Fiber Optic Inspection & Identification

  • Powerful automatic inspection system, pass/fail

  • Great variety of interchangeable probes

  • Visualization in your Smartphone (App) or OTDR

  • Tone detection thru cable, buffer or fiber coating

  • Direction of signal


PMD & CD Analyzer

  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD) and/or Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)

  • Best dynamic range in the market for maximum distance

  • Spectral Attenuation Test

  • Interferometer method

  • OTDR modules available

OPM, OLS, VFL, & Handheld Testers

  • Economical

  • Small & compact

  • Interchangeable Connectors

  • Signal and Tone generation and detection, signal direction finding

  • PON & FTTx special models

  • VFL for up to 20 km

  • 3 year warranty

Accessories, Tools & Consumables

  • Cleavers, Strippers, Cutters, etc.

  • Fiber Rings, Network simulators with or without events

  • Tools and Tool kits for installation, maintenance & cleaning

  • Network Cables & Passive components

  • Mechanical field connectors & FuseConnect™ Splice-on-Connectors

  • Blades, Electrodes, Mechanical splices, Sleeves, etc.


FiberWatch Remote Fiber Test System

  • Reduce cost of repairs and allows for SLA compliance

  • For Long Distance, Metropolitan or FTTx networks

  • Standalone systems for low cost of entry

  • Detection, location and report of breaks and degradations in realtime 

  • Automatically sends text messages or e-mails with details and maps

  • Integration with management applications, statistics and inventory

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