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Cable & Antenna Testers (VSWR)

  • VSWR, RL, Cable Loss & DTF

  • Pocket size

  • Up to 6 GHz

  • Compact units with integrated display

  • Complete measuring kits

  • Economical and reliable

PIM Analyzer​

  • Modular design with interchangeable filters for different bands

  • Combiner unit and multiple base units and filters

  • Direct connection to DUT via PIM test cable and quick-lock adapter

  • Minimal cabling required

  • Capex and opex savings


Cellsite Analyzers

  • Multiple tests in a single instrument for up to 6 GHz

  • Signal analyzers with legacy technology or FFT

  • Interference analysis and coverage maps

  • PIM testing

  • Signal demodulation

  • Multi-technology

Spectrum Analyzers 

  • For PTP or PMP systems

  • Up to 44 GHz

  • Pocketsize, portable or desktop units

  • Embeded Functions

Power Measurements

  • Terminated sensors or Thruline

  • Up to 44 GHz

  • USB conexion to Android or PC device

  • Data logger

Site Survey & Drive Test

  • Monitoring Antennas

  • Preamplifiers, LNAs and Low Loss Cables

  • Azimut & elevation heads

  • Tripods, masts & accesories

  • APP based Drive/Walk testing solution

Backhaul Testing

  • BER testing (G.821, G.826 y M.2100) for legacy networks

  • Ethernet testing (RFC2544, Y.1564) for IP networks

  • Jitter, Wander, Throughput, etc.

  • SyncE testing

  • For up to STM-64 (OC-192) & 100 GbE

Ground and Battery Bank Testing

  • Earth resistance and isolation meters

  • Battery conductance testing

  • Load discharge testing

  • Statistical analysis

  • Battery monitoring systems

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