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Equipment Leasing

We offer our customers the possibility to get their equipment through local financial institutions who offer leasing programs.

We give advice to both our customer and the local financial institution in order to facilitate the business.

Leasing allows our customers the continous use of the equipment without actually owning the equipment which is a tax break and has no cost of ownership.

Equipment & Tool Rentals

The direct rental of equipment and tools from our inventory or that of our rental partners allows our customers to rapidly obtain the necessary instruments for a given temporary job without having the cost of ownership or having to buy  expensive equipment that might not be needed afterwards. 

Measurements & Analysis

In some cases our customers desire the complete measurement service as well as the interpretation of the results and reporting. 

We have the expert personnel for the rapid realization of the measurements in specific projects.



We have fixed technical laboratories which have been acredited by the manufacturers we represent and with professional technicians who were trained at the factory for the Warranty, Adjustment, Calibration, Repairs, Configuration and Updating services of the equipment and tools that we sell. 

In the countries or cities where a permanent lab is not feasable we bring periodic brigades of our mobile lab.

Training & Certification

The people who operate the equipment we sell require a technology base that many formal education institutions don´t offer. In our T&M Training Camp we offer several short term training courses with theory and hands on experience with certification such as:

  • Splicer Technician

  • FTTx Technician

  • RAN Technician

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