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A world of solutions to measure with precision

Fujikura 90S+ Splicer

Designed to keep you going

  • True Core Alignment Technology

  • Fastest Splicer in the Market

  • Exceptional design

  • Automatic blade rotation and blade management

  • Splice+ App

  • Modular work tray



Fiber optic networks grow at an increasingly rapid pace.

The challenge is to reduce costs while maintaining quality.

We have the equipment and tools to give our clients the possibility of attaining it

Growth in the Radio Access Network (RAN) is so fast that it presents new challenges and great hurdles to overcome.

Our represented manufacturers have taken up the challenge with innovative tools that facilitate the work.

Transport networks connect the different technologies and constitute the hub of telecommunications.

Today, the specialized tools for legacy and IP networks are combined in small and functional test equipment.

New Digital Radio and DTV technologies constitute a challenge for traditional operators accustomed for many years to analog technologies.

The tools have evolved to ease the transition.

Increasingly businesses are choosing to work in the cloud. Data centers are growing exponentially. Mistakes will not be forgiven and the challenge of reaching higher speeds with higher density is achieved with new specialized tools.

The great investment in equipment and tools that you made must be protected by placing them in the hands of previously trained staff and acquiring the best brands at reputable dealers with their own laboratories that give you local support and the manufacturer´s warranty

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